domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014


Undeniably see the great potential that the company has to be an energy superpower, it hurts this in Argentina where a total inability to take advantage of opportunities, both in energy and in the agro-export sector and will obviously have to overcome as any company based in Argentina, the now unavoidable and currency collapse similar to 1989 financial and socially will be similar to 2001 at this point only a miracle can help it. 


Nothing is technically notes that bearish long-term trend beyond the sharp bounce minimum, having reached only 50% of all fall product confiscation (later transformed into expropriation), is crucial to see the behavior of the MACD that is anticipating the possible end of the climb 


In the week a major break of a dynamic channel that has become bullish ceiling for now 32u $ s can be seen a stand, but I think anger looking at the medium term mainly U $ S 26 must be incorporated into the price the impossibility of external financing and the inevitable default of the entire public debt Argentina after being enacted law change of venue to pay the notes, it is likely that current investor who anticipated a smooth cycle to try to defend price and avoid a drop in price, but the political, economic and financial reality of Primara country on any irrational response from this sector 


In the short-term bearish trend is observed, it is interesting to analyze the behavior of the MACD gives signs of exhaustion having a support U $ S 26, although the tampering with any rise that will exit opportunity for investors may they are exposed to this company and have overestimated the Vaca Muerta reservoir without having assessed the political and financial factors that have to be resolved Argentina. 
Exacerbated the crisis of probable re-think it in close values ​​of U $ S 10. incorporate into prices the financial and political problems that are now ignored by the market